Together we can give children the future they deserve

We are a Community Based Organization in Kigungu village in Entebbe, Uganda. Our goal is to enhance social well-being of the poor families, especially Kigungu kids, by enabling them access to education, food and by ensuring healthy lives.

Our mission

We strongly believe in the world, where every kid can learn how to read and never experience hunger. We believe all people have their right to fulfill their basic needs, be it physiological, safety or those of esteem, defined in Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. This is why we do our best everyday to enable the poorest kids and their families in Kigungu to live the lives they deserve, providing them with necessary financial help.

Our work as a CBO (community Based Organization) is primarily focused on philanthropic goals: to provide financial support for vulnerable groups in Kigungu society. However, we are constantly developing and try to integrate creative and self-sustainable solutions, which deal with a wider group of modern day challenges in Uganda.

Our mission is very strongly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. With our actions we fight for the Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being and Quality Education.

What we do

Our primarily work is to give people equal chances. In addition to feeding the hungry and ensuring healthy lives, we also send children to schools.

Feed the poor

82 percent of cases of child malnutrition in Uganda go untreated, accounting for 15 percent of child mortality cases in the country. Many parents in Kigungu village do not have jobs, and therefore can’t afford buying food to feed their families. Thanks to donations from our supporters, we can regularly give food among poorest families and orphanages in Kigungu.

Finance education

Affording school fees is beyond many families, especially if there are many children in one family. It is a seemingly impossible task for Kigungu families to fund an education, and a lot of children only manage to pay part of their fees, which forces them drop semesters.
KigunguKids Educare with the help of donations enables a few number of kids to go, stay and finish schools.

Provide healthcare

It is not easy for children in Uganda: Poor hygiene, a lack of health care and small access to education shape their lives. Although we can’t simply transform the medical and health system in the country, we can allow some from our Kigungu community to get support they need, be it affording medication, or rehabilitation. Next to those activities we also promote a healthy lifestyle.

Social Entrepreneurship in Kigungu

In future we plan on developing more self-sustainable solutions for supporting the social well-being in Kigungu through social entrepreneurship. More information on this coming soon.

What you can do to help

“You alone cannot change the world, but you can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.

Mother Theresa

Send a donation

Single or regular donations enable us to do what we do, which is fulfilling our mission to support Kigungu orphan kids and poor families. With every donation we get we make a better life for them. We provide them with food, cover school fees and learning materials, such as books and pens, and we take all possible steps to ensure healthy lives and well-being.

Volunteer with us

Since our main goal is to help as many children as possible, we offer a great volunteering experience for friendly, affectionate and enthusiastic people, who share the same vision as we do.

We offer both online, as well as on-site volunteering opportunities. Do not hesitate to click below or contact us directly for more information on volunteering in Kigungu, Uganda.

Become a Godparent

It was never easier than now to be a part of a change. You can make a wonderful difference in the life of a child by becoming a Godparent- his/her personal sponsor, who contributes to child’s mental and physical development.

Being a godparent is also a wonderful way to learn more about daily activities of our children in Uganda. You will receive regular updates on your Godchild’s academic and social progress and well-being, a holiday card with photographs, and replies to all of your letters.

News from Kigungu Kids

Our happy stories of transforming lives


What our donors say

“Every single person in the world deserves to be happy. I’m happy as well and surrounded with love. When I met Francis i was fascinated by his dedication to help those children, although he has almost nothing. Then I decided that the least I could do was to help him and make at least one child happier. I sincerely hope that this is true. I wish him to always be this dedicated and to help people in need”.

Detelina Dimova

“Becoming a Godmother is way more than just being a sponsor. From now on you are faced with one of the most powerful forces of the earth- the smile of a child. And this gives so much motivation to keep on, no matter what.”

Monika Wiegand

What our volunteers say

“It was a pleasing moment for me when I spent time with the children. I believe sharing knowledge is the most human beings can do to enlighten their future.”

Saurav Lamsal from Nepal, 2018

“Since July I volunteer online for KigunguKids. Although I never personally met the founder- Francis, I feel his love, his power and his big passion for helping the Poor in his village. He “infected” me with this power and I am now more than ever dedicated to help others, without expecting anything in return.”

Monika Wiegand from Poland, 2020

Contact us

KigunguKids Educare
Registered Community Based Organization

Owner: Francis Lubuulwa

Drop us a message: kigungukids@gmail.com
Call us: +256 755 436093
Adress: Tunnel Rd, Entebbe, Kigungu, Uganda
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