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Volunteering at the Lake Victoria

Since our main goal is to help as many children as possible, we offer a great volunteering experience for friendly, affectionate and enthusiastic people, who share the same vision as we do.

We offer both online, as well as on-site volunteering opportunities.

Lake Victoria, Uganda. Source: https://www.lake-victoria.net

Please find below answers to most commonly asked questions:

1. How do I become a volunteer at KigunguKids Educare?

In order to work with us on a volunteering basis you need to possess knowledge on what our organization is doing, and about our mission and principles. In order to apply for a volunteering please send us your letter of motivation and your CV to the founder of KigunguKids Educare Francis Lubuulwa to kigungukids@gmail.com. Francis will reply as soon as possible. Please note we cannot accept applications of former prisoners.

2. What are the recquirement of becoming a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer was never that easy, however we set up a couple of requirements we ask you to fulfill :

  • FLUENT ENGLISH. That’s the language you can communicate with our team and local people. English is also your base for communication with the youngest members of our Kigungu community.
  • LOVE. Being fulfilled with love, friendliness, warmth and having an open-mind is another must-have, as you will be in touch with kids (orphan kids too), and school teachers, with persons with different backgrounds and life stories.
  • SKILLS. Please bring up with you both hard and soft skills you’ve developed during your lifetime. Our community members, such as teachers and entrepreneurs are opened for new approaches, and our kids are hungry for novelty and knowledge.
  • TOURIST VISA. Please inform yourself about the requirements for travelling to and staying in Uganda from your origin country. You will need a tourist visa for at least one month, passport and proabably other documents which showcase your health state.

3. What are the activities I will be involved in?

3) We’d like to ask you to work around 5 hours a day, 5 days a week (this is our offer, which we may adapt according to your needs too). Depending on your skills and life experience be sure we will do our outmost to find the most fitting activity for you during your stay in Kigungu. What we can offer for sure is a community work on several levels:

  • SUPPORT LOCAL TEACHERS in several school activities, such as setting up the examinations, helping children to carry out their Primary Education (PE), presenting other approaches for teaching, for instance “learning by playing games”.
  • OFFICE WORK (POSSIBLE ALSO REMOTELY!). You can help us run the organization’s office, by involving yourself in marketing and communication, as well as in fundraising activities. Our social media channels needs improvements, we need to search for new partners and sponsors, we need to set up more campaign for receiving donations and winning new godparents for our children.
  • COMMUNAL WORK. This kind of work refers to various community tasks, such as restauration and construction works (e.g. of schools), providing help to the elderly, visiting kids at home and helping them out with homework, helping the village community with the preparation for celebrations and special occasions etc.
  • ORGANIZTION OF SPORT EVENTS. Sport means health, and development of motoric and sensory skills. We put much value in outdoor play, so we are going to organize various sport events for kids. This kind of activities also encourage more self-confidence, self-esteem among kids and bring opportunities for volunteers and local community to better connect and build stronger ties.

4. What are the advantages of becoming a volunteer in Kigungu?

We are a small community based organization in Kigungu. The founder Francis Lubuulwa is a local community member with a big network of contacts on site. Everybody in the village knows Francis and we believe that the big advantage of volunteering with us is that you can make a deep dive in the local culture and better experience local life. Kigungu community with its very friendly and hospitable people make it an unforgettable experience.
We also would like to ensure you that we are a non-commercial organization, and therefore we offer you only non-commercial experience. Your stay here will bring you experiences you cannot get anywere else. Those experiences with our local community are not comparable to those tourists win within all-inclusive or organized africal trips, artifically adapted to tourists expectations. Those trips are nothing but overrated. If you want to get to know real Uganda, its people and gain an understanding of the real ugandan culture and customs, stay with us a while. And when you leave we promise you won’t have the feeling that you missed something.

5. Where I am gonna sleep, what Im gonna eat?

A volunteer will be staying and sleeping in a private room in the house of the founder of KigunguKids – Lubuulwa Francis. A volunteer will be taking breakfast, lunch and dinner according to his/her volunteer fee.

6. Do I have to pay for volunteering in Kigungu? If yes, for what amenities?

Yes, you need to pay the electricity and water usage fees, as well as for all the meals by your own.

Since Francis will be responsible for your stay and volunteering at KingunguKids Educare, we’d also like to propose a daily donation to the organization, which will cover:

  • Individual Consultation and Preparation prior to your arrival
  • Orientation and Introduction in Entebbe (and Kigungu) and a guiding tour in Kigungu
  • Issuance of Confirmations/Certificates of your volunteering for your university, scholarship, insurance, etc. and filling out/signing Internship Contracts for your university

It is up to you how much you can donate. We propose 5 Euro/day (if you stay longer than one week), or 10 Euro/day if you stay shorter than one week. Some amount of the money you donate for your stay is also a part of a fairly earned salary for the founder Francis Lubuulwa, who does his work in the organization almost completly for free. Money gathered from the volunteering fees will also enable the organization to grow. Francis is an entrepreneur and tries to reinvest money in the social projects on site. In the near future he aims to build more rooms to receive more volunteers in Kigungu, but also for building additional rooms for the homeless (also orhapns living on the Entebbe streets) in need.

7. What will I do in my free time?

You can do anything you want, from spending time with local people, playing with children, to visiting the city of Entebbe and the surroundings. Francis is also willing to help you to participate in organized local safaris, such as great trekkers safari, nature trails safaris, or wild jungle safaris. All doors are opened.

8. Will I receive a certificate when my volunteer work is finished?

Denitely yes! We are gonna issue a participation volunteering certificate, such as the one below, with the possibility to adapt it according to your needs. If you volunteer within your university education, we can undoubtly fill up a intership papers for your university.

Example of an appreciation volunteering certificate.

10. Can I bring my family to Kigungu?

Yes! Kigungu is a village of very friendly, and warm people, and is full with children, who’d love to play with others, and as you can imagine, kids of different nations always find a commong language. We are toddlers and grown-kids friendly, and will welcome you with all family members. Depending on how big your family is, we may need to readapt the accomodation to fulfill your basic needs.

If you’re still not sure if volunteering with KigunguKids Educare is something right for you, don’t hesitate and drop us a message, so that we can dispel all your doubts.

We hope to see and welcome you soon in our happy village of Kigungu!!

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