Our children

There is no end of children in need here in Kigungu. We try with our best to support the most we can. Currently we support 34 families with children and help them primarly in financing children’s education and food.
Below we’d like to highlight to you some of the children who urgently need financial support. You are very welcome to contact us more details about each kids’s life situation, family background and similar.

My name: Ssenyonga Posiano
My age*: 5
Class: Nursery school

Ssenyonga likes to play football and with friends.
His biggest dream is to become a professional football player.

My name: Nanziri Emilina Scovia
My Age: 7
Class: primary one

My name: Nakayima Sharon Mary
My age: 10
Class: primary four

My name: Lubega Allan
My age: 7
Class: primary one
Family background: Lubega has a younger brother, his monther is unemployed and his father is a fisherman.

Lubega likes riding his bicycle, play football and he enjoys spending time with friends.
His biggest dream is to become a doctor.

My name: Emmanuel Kasumba
My age: 5
Class: Nursery school
Family background: Emmanuel has two sisters and one brother. His mother sells local made donuts and she earns 1$ a day. Her children need financial help to be able to visit school in the future.

My name: Byamukama Ronald
My age: 5
Class: Nursery school

Byamakama likes studying in his free time.
His dream is to become a pilot and fly high.
In the future he’s like to become the chairman of Kigungu village

My name is: Atuhaire Doreen
My age:

Atuhaire loves playing basketball & football and also being with friends playing together.
The biggest dream of her is to become a nurse and heal people.
In the future she also likes to become a president.

*Age of each child as of 2020

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