Become a Godparent

“A godchild is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure,
except by the love in your heart”

Unknown author

It was never easier than now to be a part of change. You can make a wonderful difference in the life of a child by becoming a Godparent- his/her personal sponsor, who contributes to child’s mental and physical development.

Godparenting is also a wonderful way to learn more about daily activities of our children in Uganda. You will receive regular updates on your godchild’s academic and social progress and well-being, a holiday card with photographs, and replies to all of your letters.

6 reasons why you should become a Godparent

1. Your sponsorship covers the monthly costs for food and hygieny items.

2. Your sponsored child can live more securely: Organization’s founder- Francis personally visits children at home and makes sure they are doing well.

3. If the child needs an urgent help, they can reach out to Francis and receive help at any time.

4. Your sponsored child can go to school! Thanks to your financial support we can pay school fees and current school supplies, such as books and pens.

5. You give your sponsored child attention. With your support and letters, a boy or a girl can growth his/her self-esteem and confidence: I’m being seen, someone is thinking of me, I am important!

6. Your sponsored child receives school education – the basis for a future career. Francis makes sure that the child goes to school regularly and doesn’t miss lessons.

What you can expect in return?

Sponsors of our kids usually do not expect anything in return, as they are primarly driven by love and passion of simply helping others. However, our kids have big hearts too and lots of gratitude for anything good happening in their lives.

Kigungu children, once they become godchildren are very curious to meet their new godparent. And the other way around too. We are happy to provide both sides with a possibitily of introducing them to themselves via a videocall. This way of interatction is very essential to introduce a new goparent the daily life of a sponsored child, helps to better understand the culture and allows to dive in a daily life of the community a child is growing within. All godparents are also very welcome to visit their virtually adopted godchildren on site.

Our Kigungu kids are also very much into making little surprises, such as holiday cards with wishes written in English, or in a local language, and beautiful drawings for their godparents. This is their way of saying thank you and showing gratitude. How heart-melting such a drawing can be you can soon find out yourself.

As a big apprecation for godparents for regular sponsorship of KigunguKids we issue a special Certification of Appreciation, just like the one below for our volunteer Monika from Germany. This certification is our official thank you for your regular donations.

Example of an appreciation certificate for our godparents
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