We’re building a volunteers house!

Hey! Lately we’ve created a donation campaign of raising fund for buidling a volunteers house in Kigungu. And guess what? We’ve achieved our first big milestone! more than 650 Euro gathered in less than 3 weekd! We’ve made it! Big Thanks to all supporters of this camaign! We’ve bought first buidling materials!!!! So, what we’veContinue reading “We’re building a volunteers house!”

Clothes, shoes and toys day!

What we discovered here KigunguKids EduCare is that anything small can change the kids life and makes them happy. In this new year 2021 we received small gifts/stuffs from one of our friends Bartek Zobek who managed to organize some new clothes and old clothes,shoes, teddy bear, and sandles. Our founder Francis Lubuulwa managed toContinue reading “Clothes, shoes and toys day!”

A story of a little girl and her grandfather.

Some time ago one of our volunteers Monika shared great news with us. Her father, following her daughter, would like to engage and provide some regular support for one of our Kigungu children. Zbyszek (or for some “Ziggy” what makes the pronouncation easier ;)) lives in Poland and has many, many grandchildren as we readContinue reading “A story of a little girl and her grandfather.”

How we helped a pregnant girl in Kigungu

Support and assistance we try to provide is not only reserved for the Kigungu kids. We try to support everybody in a need, or in a crisis situation. Some time ago Francis had been approached by a mother of a pregnant girl (we were asked not to reveal her name), a 17-year old pregnant girl.Continue reading “How we helped a pregnant girl in Kigungu”

Happy Birthday Our Little Girl

Dear Lubanja Markspines Abel, let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile! Happy Birthday Dear! While we usually focus on getting donations for the school fees and food for Kigungus kids, this time we’ve made a little turning point and decided to finance an event that we believe isContinue reading “Happy Birthday Our Little Girl”

What can make a kid in Kigungu really happy?

The world is so diverse, so are the kids around the world too. Some can find happiness only with toys and being at the playground, but some others, like in Kigungu, are having the best days of their lives when they can get their daily portion of food and can go to school. Being aroundContinue reading “What can make a kid in Kigungu really happy?”