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Kigungu Kids Educare is an officially registered Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda in Entebbe. The organization was founded by Francis Lubuulwa in 2018 in Kigungu, a little village at the Lake Victoria. The goal of the Kigungu Kids Educare charity is to provide support for enhancing social well-being of poor kids (often orphan kids) and their families, by financing school education, providing food and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At the beginning Francis was able to support 10 families through donations. Today 35 families with its children receive regular support, mostly thanks to Kigungu Kids’ godparent program and regular donations.

Curious about my story?

I am Francis Lubuulwa and I am the founder of KigunguKids EduCare. I was born in Kigungu 1998 in. My dad died when I was very young, since then my mum is a single parent and has raised me and my four siblings alone. She bearly managed to finance our education, and among us kids only one made it to a school graduation. Some years ago, I started to study too, but I was forced to quit it due to lack of financing. I came back to Kigungu and since 2018 I help my community, mostly families with kids to finance their life, among others education.

Uncle” Francis Lubuulwa with his beloved kids in Kigungu, Entebbe.

I had observed a kind of a vicious circle here in Kigungu. Many kids are raised in fisherman families, parents can’t afford to pay school fees for theirs kids. As a result, kids most offen follow their father’s path and become fisherman too, or jobless, like their mothers. Kigungu girls also do not have easy here. At the early age, they tend to get pregnant, they have no education and are usually single mums for the rest of their lives.
We in Kigungu are also faced with a high level of HIV spread, as people here lack education in these terms.
I thought this simply can’t go this way! This way of living doesn’t bring Kigungu- its young generation and the rest of the community forward. I wanted to break this chain and offer our youth opportunities to growth and help the community, so that they never face this poverty level as I did.”

This is how KigunguKids Educare was born

Francis Lubuulwa started this organization because it was his desire to help his village and to see every kid going to school and not suffering from hunger. He believes we can change the village of Kigungu by becoming entrepreneurs, who can create jobs, who can self-sustain themselves, live more sustainable lives and run business on all levels. And this won’t happen if the Kigungu community, especially the youth, misses education.
This explains why our primarly focus is to finance education, we believe education is the key to end poverty. For enabling Kigungu kids to go to schools we reguraly gather donations from the sponsors from around the world, mostly thanks to our godparents program.
We also care about the hungry. We do not allow kids to go to their schools with empty stomacks. For that we organize donation campaigns to raise money to afford grocery products.
We do not forget to focus on general health of our community. We take up approaches to bring awareness among children and their parents concerning children’s health issues.
You can read more about our work here.

KigunguKids today

KigunguKids Educare as an organization is constantly growing. Francis is supported by volunteers from around the world, who help him to organize donation campaigns, but also to develop the organization itself by managing the website & providing regular updates, and enhancing communication and transparency. For the website content and social media is currently responsible our volunteer from Germany- Monika (click here to read more about the volunteers and their support).

Also, organization’s goal is to become a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). As an NGO KigunguKids EduCare may have more force for serving good, we will operate in the cracks of the current system in ways that challenge injustice and open the door to new possibilities. We hope to cooperate with other organizations on systemic issues, not only locally, but also on a national level.

If you have any questions about our work, do not hesitate to contact us.

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