We’re building a volunteers house!

Lately we’ve created a donation campaign of raising fund for buidling a volunteers house in Kigungu. And guess what? We’ve achieved our first big milestone! more than 650 Euro gathered in less than 3 weekd!
We’ve made it! Big Thanks to all supporters of this camaign!

We’ve bought first buidling materials!!!! So, what we’ve got/ how your kind donation was spent?- we bought 4000 bricks, cost 400 UGX per each, Total of: 1600000 UGX- Cement stocked 27 bags, cost 30000 per bag= Total of 810000 UGX-Transport of the bricks/money for renting a car, every round was for 50000 UGX, there were 4 rounds = Total of 200000 UGX- Labour/workers =150000 UGXSum of the cost: 2760000 UGX (which is like 636,37 Euro).
What’s coming next?
We are still looking for further supporters, investors who can help us achieve the next milestone: we need to buy windows, doors, stones, iron sheets, timbers, money for the labours.
We’d be totally glad if you can further support us, the idea and join our community of changers 😀 Spread the message in the world! 🙂

Thanks ❤ !!
All campaign details can be found here: sgf.me/u/zmcf6s

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