A story of a little girl and her grandfather.

Some time ago one of our volunteers Monika shared great news with us. Her father, following her daughter, would like to engage and provide some regular support for one of our Kigungu children. Zbyszek (or for some “Ziggy” what makes the pronouncation easier ;)) lives in Poland and has many, many grandchildren as we read in his first letter to a 11 years old Happy Nynyanzi Mabble. He wanted to enlarge the circle of beloved kids he’s taking care of and decided to become a godparent.

Although the distance is huge, the willingness to help does not know any boundaries. Zbyszek decided to support little Happy with 50 Euro donation monthly, of which half of the donation covers private learning lessons, so that Happy Nynyanzi Mabble stays on the learning truck, while schools in Uganda are still being closed (due to Covid-19).

We don’t find words to express our gratitude for the honorability of Zbyszek and we can only wish him all the best health and lot’s of capacities to further support our girl in her education process.

Below some impressions of how the relationship between two people living really far from each other has emerged and inspired others.

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