How we helped a pregnant girl in Kigungu

Support and assistance we try to provide is not only reserved for the Kigungu kids. We try to support everybody in a need, or in a crisis situation. Some time ago Francis had been approached by a mother of a pregnant girl (we were asked not to reveal her name), a 17-year old pregnant girl. The girl still lives at her mother’s place and they both can’t afford basic items for the first maternity months. She and her baby will be in a need of things like diapers, hyginey items, baby bed, baby bassin, and many others. The girl will also need emergency money for the hospital, for the meals and a place in a hospital.

With the help came one of our old volunteers Monika, who is working for KigunguKids from Germany. She organized a donation event on Facebook among her closest friends and managed to gather 100 EUR for the pregnant girl in need.

This happened in a very short time and was a big success. We thank Monika and her friends from Poland Agnieszka, Kamila, Sandra and Ewelina for contributing to another woman and her child’s well-being. God bless them all!

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