What can make a kid in Kigungu really happy?

The world is so diverse, so are the kids around the world too. Some can find happiness only with toys and being at the playground, but some others, like in Kigungu, are having the best days of their lives when they can get their daily portion of food and can go to school.

Being around the kids here in our village can change a life perspective, transform the way of thinking, teach new skills like appreciating little things. This is how our volunteers felt everytime they were here. We can learn so much from the kids. This is why we think it is very essential to support their living,their development. Thanks to our godparents we can regularly support Kigungu kids.

Yesterday Francis- thefounder of Kigungu Kids Edu Care visited Kibilango Alvin in order to pass him 10kgs of Maize flour, 2 loaves of bread, Soap, Sugar Rice, Cowboy, Sweets, Spaghetti.Please see below these warm impression from this moment. The energy in the house was so great, the happiness level reached its maximal boarder .In the future we are going to build a professional donation program for godparents who are willing to support our kids in Kigungu.

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